Sunday, February 3, 2008

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read

Every now and then, I like to go to foreign newspapers online and see what are the top stories. My language skills are very limited: Catherine and I have been taking Spanish off and on for a few years now (we're off at the moment, sadly, but hope to be on again this spring...) because we have this idea of spending some time abroad in the future. So I can usually figure out most headlines in Spanish; I know a few words and rules in French (not even enough to qualify as Franglais, sadly); and, since I used to sing German art songs when I was in high school choir, I know a few pronunciation rules but don't understand ein wort von Deutsche (cheated: got that from a translation website). Anyway here are some stories, without any attempt to translate them, that grabbed my eye when I perused IHICRR:

Okay, this headline and story I can read completely... suddenly, I see why the sun is well and truly setting on the British Empire.... Catastrofi nel cosmo: Se la supernova non è sferica
This one may be the scariest looking IHICRR I can imagine.

Since this last IHICRR was from a Berlin paper, I thought I'd share some information I've been hearing from a lot of artist friends these days: apparently, Berlin is the Am-Ex-Pat destination of choice (but the CoolKids already knew that...). So of course my language-learning investment is in Spanish...

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