Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where Has the Time Gone?

The last two, almost three, weeks have been a blur for me. We've had a few of those (fortunately rare) 60 hour work weeks at my job, PWP had a big cultivation event for a project coming up in the spring, designed a brochure for Dixon Place (it came out pretty good), I've had rehearsals and planning meetings for The Beggar's Opera, voting early (because I went down to Texas for Mel's funeral on Monday) and then election day (which I pretty much missed because I was flying from Texas to Chicago and then to Newark—yes, I seriously considered missing my flight to NYC and going to Grant Park for The Speech and even went so far as to get directions but at that point I really just wanted to be home.

I say all this not to complain (okay, I'm complaining a little) but because there's been so much I've wanted to write about but just haven't had an hour to collect my thoughts and put them down. Or when I have had that hour, I've had to use it for the part of producing theater that's very important but which has nothing to do with art: thank you letters, answering e-mails, getting people involved before the crisis time is upon us. So the blog has sat fallow.

I would love to give you my thoughts on the election (I can't stop smiling and feeling like I might cry at the same when I think about the importance of what we as a country have done), theater (I've begun but not finished my thoughts on the National Theatre of Scotland's amazing production, Black Watch, at St. Ann's Warehouse), family (spending the weekend with mine, even during a very sad time, has reinforced how much I love them all and wish we had a lot more time to be together) and Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read (I've only had time to glance at a few headlines this week... but they're very interesting!). I hope in the coming days to bring more to the table than I've been able to do recently.

After I update PWP's website. And finish directing The Beggar's Opera. And put in some work on my Gilgamesh episode. And start my Christmas shopping. And then, suddenly, it's 2009...

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