Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read

elpais.com: Salinger demanda al autor de una pretendida secuela de 'El guardián entre el centeno'
I actually heard this story on NY1 this morning. I don't know much about copyright laws but I do know that I wrote a play loosely adapted from a novel and the only request I received from the copyright holder was to change the character names—which seems to be the primary element that John David California (yeah, that's his real name, right) has actually used from the original novel. I was also intrigued by this article because I always like seeing how a title is translated into another language. The Guardian of the Rye?

elmundo.es: ¿AC/DC cambió su vida?
Did AC/DC change my life? You betcha.

lemonde.fr: Grandeur et décadence du producteur de musique pop Phil Spector
Grandeur and decadence: isn't that the reason most people want to be famous? Without the murdering a young woman in cold blood aspect, of course. Incidentally, you can tell Phil's taking his situation seriously now: this is the first wig he's worn that doesn't look like someone Photoshopped it—badly—onto his head.

hola.com: Este verano... cita con el teatro clásico en Mérida
I don't have anything smart-alecky to say about this: I just thought the photo of the amphitheater looked cool. I'm not a fan of huge crowds but I would love to see a play performed in a space like this one. On the Mérida Theater Festival's website, I notice that one of the productions this summer is Titus Andronicus: how groovy would it be to watch the Elizabethan Texas Chain Saw Massacre on this stage?

morgenpost.de: Wie realistisch ist die Physik in "Star Trek" ?
The Berlin Morgenpost: asking the burning questions of 1967... today!

McCartney s’essaie à la guitare virtuelle pour la Xbox 360
This story actually made quite a few international newspapers today. Apparently, there's a new title being added to the Rock Band game portfolio on 09/09/09: The Beatles Rock Band. It makes sense that McCartney is playing a virtual guitar now: he's only been virtually writing songs for decades.

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Caroline said...

Hi Barry!

Having been one of the 16 people who has ever been to Merida, and one of the other 34 people to read the same article as you did, it does indeed look awesome.

Merida in summer though - yowzers.

Hope to see you soon.