Monday, August 24, 2009

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read Dan Brown, Roth y Pamuk, novedades del otoño
"One of these things is not like the others; one of these things just isn't the same." Apart from this sentence, which acknowledges the fact that they all have new books coming out this fall, Brown should never be linked with the other two authors in any way—in any language—ever again.* Tarantino se practica el harakiri
According to the tweet I received yesterday afternoon, my good friend ModFab disagrees. Here's hoping he'll tell us about it on his blog. Splendeur et misère d'Annie Leibovitz, enfant gâtée de New York
I had to use a translation site to understand what is actually the key to that sentence: enfant gâtée = spoiled child. Ouch! Les surfeurs du sofa
I dunno: I enjoy staying with my friends who have guest rooms (or at least sofa sleepers) and I love the idea of getting to know new people who actually live in the place I'm visiting, but I think I've passed the age where surfing strangers' couches is an acceptable means of keeping my traveling expenses down. Politische Dekolletés
I first learned about this political ad a few weeks ago on the BBC. It seems the Berliner Morgenposte decided the story needed further augmentation and created a slide show to look back at die busen durch geschichte. Quiz: Sein oder nicht sein? Das ist eine echte Frage
I should have recognized Hamlet's most famous line without (which spat out "Be or not are? That is a real question"). I took the quiz for fun and, considering I know Shakespeare very well and German not at all, I got about 14 out of 25 right (I would have gotten the last question if I'd realized that pfund was pound). Les pigeons belges victimes de la mafia chinoise ?
Are Belgian pigeons victims of the Chinese mafia? No.

*To be fair, Brown will sell the most books of the three—probably more than the other two combined.


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Catherine said...

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