Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Undocumented Life?

A Los Angeles-based friend of ours has become a sort of amateur archivist recently, with a particular focus on the history of Off-Off Broadway. So he's naturally very interested in any photos that people have--not only from those early productions, but also of any contemporary revivals, and of the artists from the period as they are today. Every time there's a new production or some reunion event or other, I usually find out about it first when I get an e-mail from him requesting photos, offering to pay for a disposable camera and developing costs (I use a digital camera, of course, so this is unnecessary, and, to be fair, he also asks other friends on his e-mail list, not just me). 

As someone who also enjoys history, I both understand and applaud his hobby and, whenever I can, I help out. However, my wife, Catherine, and I often joke (semi-seriously) whenever we receive another e-mail, "Because, you know: the undocumented life is not worth living..."

And here I am, starting a blog... Because, you know: ...

I don't yet know what I'll document. Or for how long (stick-to-it-a-tive-ness is not my strong suit). I mostly read the New York Times, snopes.com, the Straight Dope and the BBC world news online (yes, I'm an anglophile but at least I don't spell color or humor with a 'u' ... at least, not since the 7th grade...); perhaps something from one of those sources will find it's way here. I hope there's more news/information here than diary. We shall see...

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