Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Generous Plug for the Interlude

My friend Modern Fabulousity has plugged A Strange Interlude on his blog. Am I blushing? It's one of those introductions that you find yourself looking around to see who the person is really talking about. Thanks ModFab—you truly are too kind!

I believe turnabout is fair play so I encourage you explore all of the theatre-related links in that same post. I read through as many as I could, but I didn't have time for the videos this morning—I'm trying to do some research on Dada for a play I'm writing... and, surprisingly, Some People at my survival job think that when I'm paid to be here, I should be working! I tried to explain that I am working, it's just not their work... Some People are philistines, imho.

And, just to make this sloppy love-fest with ModFab complete: if you don't RSS his blog (and I believe you'd be crazy not to), remember that you can always get a bead on his bean in the sidebar widget here at the Interlude.

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