Friday, February 15, 2008

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read

Another list of headlines that caught my eye as I perused various publications in languages I don't read (or, in the case of Spanish, that I read very poorly).

The photo I've included here (and discretely cropped) illustrates this story... SCARLETT JOHANSSON ET PENELOPE CRUZ DANS UNE SCÈNE ÉROTIQUE Selon le New-York Post, les deux actrices partageront une scène lesbienne dans le prochain film de Woody Allen.
I think a lot of men and more than a few women would say that this headline requires ALL CAPS (that's how it is in the pub, folks: they wrote it, I just report it)

Okay, I'm not only about the sex today: Gothic Pop Musik: The Cure im Velodrom
I thought this was particulary interesting because it's an English headline in a German newspaper (thinking I might be wrong about this, I translated "Gothic Pop" from English to German on; it came out "Gotischer Knall"... and when I translated that back into English, I got "more gothic crack"... the Internet continues to amuse me!)

And finally, let's get back to sex... from Buenos Aires:

Is it Argentine machismo or would this same cruise, even with 1,500 passengers, make headlines in the U.S.?

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