Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Find-a the Pope in the Pizza

As is my wont, I had NY1 on this morning as I was getting ready for work and was struck by the graphic they're using for the pope's visit. A few things strike me as funny:

1. They felt the need for a graphic?

2. They felt the need to put the date in both Roman numerals and Arabic?

3. It's less obvious in the online version, but in the graphic during the newscast, the pope with outstretched arms is really big. In my head, I kept hearing one of those deep-voiced, over-enthusiastic announcers in the background saying, "Budweiser, the Number One Beer in America, presents Benedict, the 26th Pope of Rome! Live at Yankee Stadium, April 20th. Rain or Shine: It's a Mess of Mass for the Whole Family—DON'T MISS IT!"

Of course, my apologies to Don Novello for stealing his title.

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