Saturday, November 22, 2008

Even the Panda Looks Uncomfortable...

The Windsors must be breathing a sigh of relief this week: they are not the branch of extended relations that make up the European royalty on the hot seat, for a change. Queen Sofia of Spain granted author Pilar Urbano unfettered access for a book, La Reina muy de Cerca (The Queen Up Close). In their interviews, the queen offered her views on homosexuality (opposes marriage, can tolerate unions, but doesn't get the pride parade-thing), euthanasia (opposes it), religious education (she's all for it) and a variety of other topics. None of these opinions are, of course, all that surprising from a 70-year-old Roman Catholic woman of privilege; what makes her lack of discretion scandalous is that a majority of Spaniards strongly disagree with her (gay marriage has been recognized in Spain since 2005, for instance).

By way of apology, a royal spokesman said that Doña Sofia regrets any "discomfort or offense"... but Urbano misquoted her, anyway.

Nice save.

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