Friday, January 30, 2009


You gotta love the Germans: they don't mess around assembling a series of words to convey a single meaning. Just make up a new word! That's what English needs: how is it that newspeak never caught on? Regardless, the word above is actually the name of a movement in Germany which dates back to 1898: Free Body Culture.

The couple in the photograph at right are members of the FKK: they are German tourists hiking through Switzerland. Surprisingly, though, the Swiss would prefer that FKK members not visit their country; in fact, the authorities in Appenzell Innerrhoden have threatened to arrest die volken if they don't change their ways. Obviously, the pair seen here are serious about adjusting their lives to address the challenges of the 21st century: they are spending their vacation rambling instead of some other activity that would expend fossil fuels, the young man has a solar panel on his backpack for whatever electronic devices they've brought along, and they are showing their solidarity with the women and children toiling away in sweatshops around the world—to see the form of their protest,* check out the full photograph on the BBC website.

*Of course, if you checked out the wikipedia FKK link before moving on to the second paragraph, you already knew that their attire has nothing to do with sweatshops.

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