Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Worst Job in the World

Top executive for a major financial institution. Everyone hates you. We all think you're over-payed for under-performing—and you have been for years. In the U.S., Congress thinks you should return the compensation you've received, especially from the years that your company seemed to be making huge amounts of profit but was, in reality, merely inflating the balloon that inevitably popped in 2008. You have loads of money but the press is there the minute you or your wife try to spend any of it. And now you have to kowtow to public opinion on how much you'll be paid in future.

Second worst job: a junior executive for a major financial institution. You have to listen to your boss bitch about how unfairly he's being treated while you do all of the work that will one day reinstate his overinflated paycheck.

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