Sunday, April 26, 2009

30th Between Broadway and Sixth Ave

As much as I love writing this blog, new posts just take more time than I can currently spare. But it makes me insane when I see that my last post was a week ago today. So I'm trying something new: I'm putting my camera in my bag to see if I can use photography to fill the textual void. It may not last—past tonight, actually—but it's an art form that really interests me and most of my photos will be of Catherine or New York, anyway: two subjects that particularly inspire me. If I can add a little anecdote or historical fact about the photos, so much the better.

Tonight, I was walking through midtown, on my way to meet Catherine after her rehearsal in the garment district. Walking up Broadway, I caught the neon sign of O'Reilly's Pub out of the corner of my eye. My anecdote: it's the unidentified setting of playwright Daniel Haben Clark's The Singing Lesson, a very popular piece at La MaMa and the Caffe Cino in the 1960s that starred Daniel's sister, Connie.

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