Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happiest People Ever

My friend, Nomi, sent me the link to this photo blog today. It's a very silly website but I had to laugh out loud when I saw that the guy sitting in the middle of this picture from the site (which you will find, suitable for captioning, in the June 10th entry) is our friend and Nomi's former roommate, Randy Lake wearing a burgundy shirt.


Randy Lake said...

Um.... since I don't know either of the flanking gentlemen and I don't drink beer... I must politely decline the honor of being the guy sitting in the middle! At some point in time, he and I shared the same taste in eyewear... and he wears his hair in the same general "run-your-hand-thru-it" casual flop to the side style. But he is not I. But I definitely see the resemblance!

Barry said...

I remain unconvinced... I think I may have stumbled upon a secret life that you have kept hidden from all of your friends (and that perhaps you even regret deeply). But, since I have no choice but to accept your and Nomi's word that you are not the gentleman in this photo, I have amended the post.

Nomi said...

I believe that is Randy's cousin - Doppel Ganger. He is a Medieval Literature historian at the University of North Dakota and knows how to bring a room down with discussions of ringworm and Hegel. I dated him in kindergarten but he dumped me when I developed impetigo.