Friday, July 10, 2009

Upper Class British Twit(ter)

The Queen of England has sent her first tweet:
How can we make our innermost feelings known to our people if we only have 140 characters with which to communicate them? How utterly ridicu
Okay, I made that up and I'm pretty sure she's not personally sending any messages, but if you're just dying to get up-to-the-minute propaganda and links to videos ops by the British Monarchy, here's the link.

The followers of celebrity Twitterers, I must confess, mystify me. I'm interested in my friends' tweets (well, most of them) because I have a personal connection: by and large, I genuinely care about what's going on in their lives. And almost none of the people I follow have abused the service: I think I've noticed their Facebook statuses (stati?) changing more frequently. I'm not interested in Ashton Kutcher when he's in a movie or on television saying lines written by a professional; why would I care that he really wants to go to Iran ("Every one that I meet that goes there says it's amazing.").

Can someone help me out on this one? What am I missing?

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