Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Arial versus Helvetica

Every weekday, I get the Daily Dose from Flavorwire—the art and cultural news digest from Flavorpill—in my inbox. Each issue features about a half dozen stories: one or two about an upcoming visual art, music or performance work; an interview with an artist (both up-and-coming and established); the occasional review of an arts event; and perhaps a piece about some pop culture or fashion trend that the editors feel is important (or at least of interest to their readers). Earlier this summer, I was pleased to see them review a piece by my friend, Yanira Castro, that she choreographed in the bathrooms at the Gershwin Hotel. Flavorwire favors the hip and stylish crowd, I often feel, but there's usually at least one item that piques my curiosity enough to actually click through and read more—almost always something quirky or offbeat like this link last week:

Infographic: Arial versus Helvetica

Which led me to this image:
Swiss Miss picked up the graphic from Raynor's ragbag blog and, as I have done, gave him his due credit.

I found the table interesting... and, yeah: incredibly geeky—I'm sure that's why it interests me. But it also put me in mind of a song (warning: non-sequitur coming) by my favorite geeky band:

Apparently, they haven't been inspired by the differences between Arial and Helvetica... yet...*

*For any band that writes about incredibly obscure subject matter—as they did in "Meet James Ensor" and "James K. Polk"—a song about typography is almost like selling out.

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