Monday, March 22, 2010

Fine Jewelry from a Friend You Can Trust

While my budget does not allow for much in the way of luxury purchases—if Catherine and I are going to splurge, it's usually going to be on travel—I do appreciate the finer things in life.

One of our good friends and a long-time Peculiar Works supporter, Dale Fournier, has built a very nice business as a purveyor of new and antique fine jewelry. Since my only shirt that requires cuff links is a tuxedo shirt (which I have worn exactly once, to the wedding for which I bought it) and I'm not big on wearing rings, I'm particularly drawn to the antique wristwatches on her site—I have always preferred the look of the square and asymmetrical-shaped watches and a leather band. I'm no judge of women's jewelry—although I think know Catherine's tastes pretty well, I'd still be reticent to buy anything for her without her guidance—but there are some quite lovely pieces for the ladies, too.

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