Monday, January 24, 2011

Puttin' on a Show in Philly

If you're a self-starting producer (or a director or writer or actor who can get yourself hooked up with a unique individual like that) and can spend some time in Philadelphia this September, you're in luck: the Philadelphia Fringe is taking applications. This is the non-adjudicated part of my favorite arts festival:
In the tradition of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we ask that you challenge yourself to be an artistic pioneer by taking your work to new levels of artistic innovation and presentation.
If you want into the Live Arts Festival, you gotta get on festival director Nick Stuccio's radar... which means you've gotta have a track record. And what better way to get that record started than with a production in the Philadelphia Fringe?

To apply, all you need is a $95 application fee (a modest sum, really), a venue (the Philadelphia Theatre Alliance has a handy list here, complete with contact information), and a project that you're just dying to mount (dance, theater, music, performance, visual art or any hybrid thereof). Once you're in, it's just about fund raising the money for your production costs. And your personnel expenses. And their transportation. And their room and board. And marketing your show.

Like my dad always says: if it was easy, everybody'd be doing it.

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