Sunday, September 4, 2011

Philadelphia Live Arts Festival: Day 3

A full day yesterday and not a bad show in the bunch—I'm almost afraid that the other shoe might drop today. That seems highly unlikely, however, given the two productions we've saved for our last day.

Sunday, September 4
WHaLE OPTICS: Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental, 1pm. An enormous production (and long—almost 3 hours) but when your set is the ocean and your piece is about a composer collecting whale songs from around the world, it would be a lot harder to create in a little black box (but if he wanted to do it that way, I think director Thaddeus Phillips is just the guy to make that tiny production work). I expect magic and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

Elephant Room: Dennis Diamond, Louie Magic and Daryl Hannah, 6pm. We saw a workshop of this show at HERE arts center a few years ago—at that point, it was little more than sketches of the characters and their magic tricks, really. Now it’s finished and I can't wait to see where they've gone—it should be the perfect way for us to end the festival this year!

Hope to get down all of my thoughts on everything we saw on the train back home tonight.... assuming SEPTA has the tracks cleared outside of Trenton from the post-Irene flooding. If they haven't, we're taking Amtrak and that's only a 90-minute ride: not enough time to finish before we hit Penn Station.

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