Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday Night OOPS at the Live Arts Festival

We usually plan a little better than this. Because the Live Arts Festival has grown so dramatically over the years, the venues are less within walking distance of each other than they were when we first started going, and some aren't especially near to mass transit. We know this, but it's not as much a deciding factor in what we see as perhaps it ought to be. Add to that the fact that we like to see as many productions as we can possibly cram into a weekend and there are bound to be some short travel times. Up to now, we've managed to keep it to where a brisk walk and some pre-planning will get us where we need to be on time (thank you, Google maps).

However, we screwed up this year: we have 15 minutes to get from WAMB to Chomsky vs. Buckley, 1969, assuming that the first production starts on time. And here are the two locations on the map.
This route will take us 41 minutes walking, 28 minutes by mass transit and 10 minutes by car. But we don't have a car. We do have a Zipcar membership and there is a parking lot not far from the second venue: we can rent a car there at 6:30, drive to the WAMB venue and then back to Chomsky and then park the car until after the show (around 10pm).... and that will run us about $50. We could try a cab or car service but given the absurdly short amount of time we have, I'm skeptical that this would be successful (not to mention that I'm not sure it would be less than $50).

So, Philadelphians: any suggestions? We'd be grateful for any help you can offer.

UPDATE: We rented the Zipcar: I found one for a little less than $9/hour so it'll come out to less than $40. But we've got a lot of driving/subway riding that night:

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