Friday, March 28, 2008

Art In NYC This Week

The Bentfootes, a film by Kriota Wilberg and Todd Alcott, is playing Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday at 1pm in New Dance Alliance's Performance Mix festival at 210 Front Street. I saw this piece as a live performance 2 years ago (and loved it) and the film in the Lincoln Center Dance on Film festival this past January (and loved it again). It's a mockumentary in tribute to an American dance family—the eponymous Bentfootes—who compensated for their lack of talent with an intense passion for the artform. It's incredibly funny, well-written, well-performed and while the Bentfootes may not have very good artists, Kriota's choreography is exceptional—it takes an incredibly skilled artist to create bad art that looks like it's supposed to be bad!

Aisling Arts' The Importance of Being Earnest at the New York Irish Center in L.I.C. Obviously, I'm more than a little biased in that Catherine is playing Lady Bracknell in the production, but even if she wasn't, I'm still a big fan of Bryn Manion and Wendy Remington's work and Earnest is, in my opinion, the funniest play of all time. The Saturday and Sunday performances both weekends are benefits for the center with cocktails and dinner served. Great Irish food, drinks and comedy for $45: you won't find a better bargain in New York! (Incidentally, although I linked to the Lady Bracknell interrogation scene from the most excellent film by Anthony Asquith, that not at all the style of Aisling's production—I just love Edith Evans in the movie).

• Obviously, our Hector: like I wouldn't plug that! We're sold out tonight but there are still tickets available for Sunday at 3.

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