Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Don't Need Your D**ned Business Anyway!

Today is load-in and dress rehearsal for Hector (the play). I've been calling car services/men-with-vans because Hector (the sculpture) is 3' tall, weighs about 40 lbs and is somewhat fragile. So between that and all of the lighting and set equipment that must be taken to the space, a van seemed our best option. Yesterday, when I called car services, I was given prices of $50 and $44 for a minivan; now, somehow, the prices have all gone up to $55-56—to go 28 blocks! And the place that told me they could do a minivan for $40 yesterday but wouldn't let me reserve the vehicle is telling me that the driver will have to give me the price. When I tried to tell the man I need to know the price beforehand and the bastard hung up on me! I know that the customer is not always right in NYC, but this is ridiculous! I get really tired of people telling you one thing when you're checking their prices/availability and another when you actually call back and make a reservation.

I know I could have rented from U-Haul, but we decided that we'd spend a few extra bucks and not have to deal with the hassle of going to get the vehicle, finding a place to park it while we unload and then returning it. Now, of course, I'm wishing we'd done that instead...

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