Monday, March 10, 2008

Recycling Electronics in NYC

As a rule, I try to make my electronics equipment last as long as I possibly can. Most of this is due to the fact that I'm cheap, but also because like most people these days, I hate the idea that everything is supposed to be disposable. However, I've been Clark Kenting at an advertising agency for 10 years now (jeeez), and stuff has to be upgraded eventually. Sadly, I can't take it to Union Square this Sunday for the NYCWasteLe$$ electronics recycling (businesses aren't allowed, only residents... of course, since I'm a Manhattan resident, I could lie and take some of it there, anyway, but that would be wrong...). 

Most of what I have is crap: a 21" CRT monitor that only rests on it's base (it works, but I don't have a CPU for it anymore), a few old inkjet printers, and lots of PCI cards from upgrades (which allows me to still use Mac G4s for graphics work here). For those of you who give a damn about these sorts of things, I even have the G3 I used when I first started here—I'm holding onto it because I'm directing something soon where I may be able to use it (more on that later). 

So if you've got electronics in Manhattan that you want to ditch, this Sunday is the day! In the outer boroughs, check the list for the dates and locations.

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