Friday, April 4, 2008

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read Hospitalizado el Duque de Edimburgo
I chose the photo from the BBC's coverage of the story because it better illustrates something Catherine's high school friend, Brad Carter, said to us: "Prince Philip always has the sort of smirk that says, 'Yeah, I ß@*# the Queen'"

Libé Vos photos sur Libé
There are some great pictures in the slideshow... the one entitled "Mort d'un pigeon voyageur," while beautiful in the abstract, is rather grisly in reality. Of course, if you're reading this after 04/04/08, you probably will be seeing different photos on this link... so you'll just have to take my word for it: it's beautiful and grisly at the same time. Portada de Novias
My friend Caroline says that when she feels like reading something in Spanish, she'll often opt for Hola. It's pretty much like any other celebrity rag: the stories are short, light on content and very easy to read. I chose this link because I was surprised that they have a section devoted entirely to brides. Weltmetropolen im Vergleich - Berlin ist sexy, aber dreckig
I know a few people who've recently made the move to Berlin, so I buy the sexiest ranking. The text in the graph is too small to read online, but these days NYC is pretty darned clean (rats running between bags on trash nights notwithstanding), so Berlin wouldn't have to be all that dirty to lose that duel. Le réveil de R.E.M Après avoir frisé le clash, le groupe américain se remet en selle avec «Accelerate», un 15e album fort en gueule qu’il jouera à Nyon.
A lot of people are calling Accelerate a comeback or "reawakening" as this headline puts it: I know R.E.M. take exception to that assessment but I also know that I really like the tracks I've heard from the album. Now I have to decide whether to buy the CD or go for the download... I'm leaning toward the download, I have to say...

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