Monday, April 7, 2008

Eine Kleine Naughty-musik

I'd like to think that I'm above the prurient interest in the sexual exploits of others that so many people seem to have. I'd like to think that but, of course, it isn't true. So naturally, when I saw the NY Times headline, Possible Nazi Theme of Grand Prix Boss’s Orgy Draws Calls to Quit, on my Palm this morning, I had to read the article. 

My first thought was that this guy Mosley (ironically seen at left promoting Electronic Stability Control with a lot of other dummies) is accurate when he says that the practices in which he engaged appear to have been legal. If he wants to spank and be spanked by Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS,  he's not going be arrested for it unless he opts to embellish his role playing in inadvisable directions—and then, it would be the specific activities that would cause him problems, not the context in which they were performed. However, he's an idiot if he can't see why both the FIA and, more importantly, the FIA's sponsors aren't going to want to make this public relations nightmare go away completely and quickly—especially Daimler Benz and BMW, both German manufacturers of luxury cars! And, of course, his father's fascism is not doing him any favors... and makes the whole situation even more disturbing, quite frankly.

If you're interested in the more salacious version of the story with photos, check out; needless to say, that site is nsfw... assuming you don't work at the News of the World, in which case, never mind.

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