Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bam! 37 Hours of the Best Modern Rock in Your Control

My favorite radio station for a few years now has been The playlist leans heavily toward contemporary alternative rock, but the djs also program according to their personal tastes, so there's an eclecticism that I really like—there aren't many stations left where can you hear The National, Wilco and  Johnny Cash all in the course of a few hours. They also have Lounge Acts, where up-and-coming bands come into the studio, play a few songs and chat with the djs; Local Lixx that features groups from the Cincinnati area (where woxy is located); a Vintage channel for all the alternative rock you already know and love; and a whole lot more.

This week, they've posted their 2008 Modern Rock 500—500 of the best modern rock and alternative songs of all time—into their archives. They create a new 500 every Memorial Day weekend and count down to the number one (hint: this year, it's one of my favorite bands). Best of all, they divided the archive up into 20 song blocks, so you can more quickly and easily find your favorite songs. Give them a listen!

P.S., if you were thinking, "There's something familiar-sounding about this station," here's why.

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