Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read

bild.de: Zu viele Deutsche im Hotel – Brite kriegt Schadenersatz!
To be fair, I learned about this story on the BBC, but wouldn't you all be impressed if I had figured it out on my own? Apparently, this is in response to a British man being awarded £750 for having booked a holiday at a resort that catered primarily to German tourists; Bild's article suggests destinations to avoid that are favored by the Brits, of course. My favorite part of this article, however, is the English taunt in the photo montage: in my mind, I'm hearing it spoken with a German accent. Incidentally, there's a photo halfway down in the article that's probably NSFW, so scroll carefully...

elpais.com: Hillary reconocerá su derrota en las urnas ante Obama, pero no tira la toalla
My Spanish sucks, as we all know; however, I did immediately recognize "but she won't throw in the towel" ('la toalla').

elmundo.es: La gira ecológica de Radiohead: PIDE A SUS FANS QUE NO VAYAN EN COCHE A SUS CONCIERTOS
...which is fine for their fans who live in large European cities or in the eastern U.S., where there's reliable mass transit. But I don't see the kids in Dallas/Fort Worth leaving their cars behind to take the bus to Reunion Arena (oh man—I just realized that I have no idea where they hold concerts in the D/FW area any more! I may have to take back my not feeling old comment in my previous post...). Anyway, maybe their midwest fans can compromise and carpool in hybrids...

I assume that they're referring to the character she plays (as opposed to referring to her character... which may be what they're doing, actually—I wouldn't know, not being able to read French). Whatever the case, it hardly seems like much of a news flash, let alone one worthy of all boldface caps....

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