Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Goes PUMA Hunting

We're all thinking that McCain is obviously targeting the former Hillary supporters. I can't help but think he just might get them.

To my friends and family who are more conservative, this is great news—now their vote, too, will be a historic one (as though voting for the oldest rich white man ever to run for the office isn't historic enough). Sarah Palin may not be the poster child for the right wing, but she is pretty conservative. I think it's safe to say that she and Hillary Clinton don't agree on many social issues...

But to my progressive/liberal brethren who think this makes McCain more appealing (or at least slightly less revolting unappealing), I have two words: Supreme Court. Come that first Monday in October after the next justice decides they've done more than their fair share of staunching the "originalists" tide, you will definitely have "sent a message to the Democratic party": that your personal grievances are more important to you than the Constitutional rights of future generations.

Incidentally, I couldn't use this photo of Governor Palin for my post but thought I'd share it with you, nonetheless.

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