Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nasher Sculpture Center

While most non-Texans think Dallas is the alpha-city in the metroplex, I've always found Fort Worth—and particularly the museums of Fort Worth, especially with the addition of the Museum of Modern Art—to be much more interesting. Of course, having grown up in Fort Worth, I'm a little prejudiced...

Catherine had been wanting to see the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas since she first read about it in the Times shortly after it opened a few years ago. Finally, on this last trip to Texas, we had time to head over to see it. It's not an especially large collection but I was struck how much I liked almost every piece in it: if I had money, these are the kinds of pieces and the breadth of work (both in style and history) that I'd choose for myself. It's also incredibly well-curated and installed in the building, which provides a lovely context for the works.

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