Friday, February 27, 2009

The Company with a Heart

You gotta be kidding me! Forget the fact that, as someone mentions in the article, globally the titans of commerce have cost us billions of dollars/euros/pounds/yen/lire* and put untold millions of people out of work or on the verge of poverty: €1.30 is $1.65! After 30 years with the same company—even if she stole the money—make her pay it back, fine her, give her a day off without pay as punishment: but let's get some sense of a proportionate response, folks.

Ironically, their motto—Hier schlägt das herz—as near as I can figure using freetranslation and Babel Fish appears to be "The heart strikes (beats?) here."**

*Yes, I do know that lire are no longer used in Italy.
**From my friend, Stefan: "Hier schlägt das Herz is part of hier schlägt das Herz höher (here the heart beats faster) but I think it also schould refer to Herz in herzlich (heartfelt, warm) but maybe also to the heart as the center, the hub, the place where you get your stuff. How you translate that into our beloved English I leave up to you."

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