Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting Headlines I Can't Really Read

My pal, ModFab, told me he likes IHICRR so this one's dedicated to him. Una mirada del 'Ojo de Dios' Captada una espectacular imagen de la nebulosa planetaria, a 700 años luz de la Tierra
A look at the "Eye of God," indeed. Of course, we should remember that space is 3-dimensional—from another perspective, I'm sure this nebula looks nothing at all like an eye. And, since it's 700 light years away, we're never going to find out what the view from different angle might be.
Los primeros pasos del hombre moderno
1.5 million years ago, someone took a walk through mud in Kenya—someone walking upright on two legs whose feet looked very much like ours. And she/he left footprints behind that an archaeological team found. Cool. Here's the story in English, if you're really interested.

libé Plan automobile: «Les autres nous imitent»
Oh, I don't care what the article is about:* I just like the picture—I like his expression, his gesture (which looks a little stereotypically French to my eyes), and the fact that the woman on the far left seems to be checking out his butt.

*For the record, it's about how Sarkozy believes that the rest of the EU is imitating the way that France is supporting their automobile industry, even as they criticize the French plan. ABC der Serienstars
I would hope that Berliners would know little to nothing about the stars of "historic" U.S. television series; the fact that someone thought there would be sufficient interest (not to mention knowledge) about them to warrant a 135-photo article is deeply disturbing. On the other hand, I found out that the Germans called Scarecrow and Mrs. King (no, I didn't remember the title: I had to look it up) Agentin mit herz: Agent with a Heart. To quote Sheridan Whiteside, "I may vomit."

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